Non-Contact Voltage Tester

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This is a non-conductive (plastic), non-contact voltage sensor that glows red and/or beeps in the vicinity of an energized conductor. In other words, it lights up near a “live” wire. You don’t actually have to make contact to see if the line is hot. It lights up even if there is no load on the line, since it senses the electric field, not the magnetic field. It’s much easier to use than a contact indicator light or meter.

It works for AC line voltages. Also it only lights up when near the “hot” line, not the ground or neutral, so you can immediately see if an outlet is wired backwards.It is ideal for homeowners electricians, maintenance and service engineers. Safety personnel can quickly test for energized circuits and defective grounds on the factory floor.This product has a High Sensitivity, CAT III standard and senses voltage between 90-1000V


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